There is a ton of research to be done ahead of purchasing solar panels. Part of that research needs to be about which solar panels to buy. You don’t want to invest your money in equipment which ends up failing you down the road, so read the tips below to find out how to make the best decision. You will end up making money thanks to your great decision!

When it comes to the price of a solar panel, it is the wattage, physical size, quality, brand, certifications and longevity which often affect the overall cost. That said, you cannot choose which panel to buy based just on the price. You have to figure out if its size fits your needs, both in wattage and physical dimensions. You also need to know if the certifications it carries qualify you for government rebates or not. On top of that, you want a high quality system in place, otherwise you’re wasting your money. Consider all of these factors as well as your budget before you buy any panels.

Another thing to consider is which tier of manufacturer quality the panels come from. The first tier contains a small number of manufacturers who lead the field in innovation, quality control and materials used. Tier two is good, but not great. Tier three makes up the bulk of the companies out there, and they only focus on assembling panels, not creating new technologies. They buy cells from other companies and you have no idea what the quality is of their product. Focus on buying from tier one companies to ensure you get what you pay for.

You should check out a few other factors of the panels you are comparing. For example, tolerance details the range of a panel and whether it will meet the rated power or not. It may claim it produces 300 watts, but actually only produces 250 in reality. You want to look for a positive tolerance rating. Another similar rating is the temperature co-efficient, detailing how the panel performs when it is hot. A low percentage per degree is what you want to see.

Efficiency is key with solar panels, so a high conversion efficiency is a must. Embodied energy levels need to be high to install a system which pays for itself quickly. You also want to look for a panel with a warranty of at least 25 years so that it will promise a long enough life to provide you with enough energy to get your investment back and more. Be warned that a long warranty won’t matter if the company is gone when the system fails!

Keeping all of these factors in mind, you should easily be able to choose the right panels for your needs now. It won’t be long before you are not only paying off your system, but truly making money off your set-up. This smart investment will bring you many years of great energy supplies, ensuring you’re never in the dark again.

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