Qoppa Software recently announced their latest version of their fully-featured business class PDF Editor, PDF Studio 2021. The powerful, intuitive PDF Editor is compatible for Windows, macOS and Linux. The latest version includes enhancements that will assist users with the efficiency of their daily workflow when creating new documents or improve the content of their existing documents. PDF Studio was upgraded with those with impairments in mind by offering more accessibility options. This version refined its existing tools to make them more functional and customizable.

New! Color Options helps to assist users who have visual impairments or users who are working in environments with dim lights. Users can now adjust the text and background colors so they can have an easier reading experience. The colors can be adjusted to the default higher contrast color schemes provided through PDF Studio or fully customized by the user.

New! A Text-to-Speech (Read Out Loud) feature has been another accessibility option added to the latest version of PDF Studio. The Read Out Loud feature reads the text of the document aloud to the user, which is very helpful to those who have reading impairments. This feature can be accessed through the ribbon toolbar or by the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + V).

New! A Content Explorer Panel was included in this version. It assists users with content editing, allowing them to view the document’s overall structure by presenting all its content objects in a vertical tree format. This helps users to more easily find and select content on pages in a document such as images, text, paths, and container objects.

Content Editing has been upgraded in the PDF editing software. It automatically recognizes and highlight the different paragraphs, columns, and sections present on the page. This allows users to immediately identify the different text area sections. The text reflow has been refined for consistency and reliability.

The Flatten Annotations feature has been enhanced. It now offers the option for users to unflatten annotations, reversing the flattening action. This allows users the ability to continue making edits and revisions.

Additional preflight functions were included in this latest version. The new functions are PDF/A 2u & PDF/ A 3u validation & conversion. These sub-formats can be used for scientific articles or journals to validate documents containing Unicode text and mathematical calculations.

The OCR Engine was upgraded. It recognizes text within slanted or images with low resolution better. Additional user interface refinements have been the annotations tools and reading experience. There is a real full screen mode that is ideal for focused reading or presenting. Users can easily navigate to external sources and materials using the Automatic Link Detection feature. There are many more improvements included in PDF Studio 2021 that you can check out via knowledge base (https://kbpdfstudio.qoppa.com/whats-new-in-studio-2021/?utm_source=pdfstudiopad&utm_medium=article&utm_campaign=submiteverywhere2021).

PDF Studio is an all-in-one PDF editing application for Windows, Mac & Linux

PDF Studio comes packaged as a single file installer for all platforms and supports 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. It is compatible with the latest operating systems: Windows 10, macOS Big Sur, Moave, High Sierra and Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04 & 17.10.
PDF Studio comes in 2 editions, Standard and Pro. It is an affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat, can be purchased with a one-time fee and do not require a subscription commitment.

You can download PDF Studio 2021 here:

PDF Studio Download

About Qoppa Software:

Qoppa Software produces cross-platform PDF software for end-users, developers and integrators. Our PDF tools and libraries cover every aspect of PDF processes and help automate document workflows. Qoppa Software was founded in 2002 and is located in Atlanta, GA.