Data loss is one of the most common problems that computer users face, whether it is down to accidental deletion or formatting a drive or by factors beyond your control, such as malicious software. While there are ways to recover lost data, there is no substitute for preparing for the worse. Although most people know how important it is to keep your files backed up, few use an adequate enough solution to ensure that all data is kept safe. If you only back up your files manually, there is always a chance that you might forget about something important. Additionally, storing all of your backups locally is hardly an adequate solution, since a hard drive failure or serious computer malfunction can destroy your backups as well. However, there are some extremely effective ways to minimize the risk of losing your data, even if the worst should occur.

Backing Up with Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image is the ultimate solution for keeping data safe either at home or in the workplace. It ceates a full system image of your computer’s primary hard drive or any other digital media to the extent that even your operating system and programs can be accounted for. Using a versatile backup method, Acronis True Image allows you to back up form 1 to 5 computers. If you want to use it with more computers, you may want to consider Acronis Cyber Protect.

True Cyber Protection at Your Disposal

Acronis presents the unique backup solution that combines backup and antimalware together. In other words, your data is protected from any threat, whether it is a disk failure, device loss or the latest cyberattack. The Essential subscription provides flexible backup options: Full Image to File-Level, Active Disk Cloning, Quick Recovery, Universal Restore and Ransomware Protection. Also, you get a free 30-day trial of antimalware protection features for both your device and backup data. For additional data security, Acronis offers cloud backup, automatic replication of data, blockchain certification and electronic signatures on files, and more in the Advanced and Premium subscriptions.

Manage Your Backups from Anywhere

Acronis True Image allows you to back up your content both online and locally. For speedy, convenient access, local backups are ideal but, for additional data security, you can also store and synchronize your data online. Acronis provides a user-friendly online dashboard that you can securely access from any Internet-connected device. This entirely Web-based tool allows you to manage multiple backups, computers and devices, whether it’s for home use or a small office. You’ll never have to worry about losing your important data again, even if your external backup drive fails, since everything will be safely stored in the cloud for accessing and restoring at any time.

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